Screen Emulsion and chemicals

MacDermid Autotype is a global industrial manufacturer of high quality precision coated films and blended liquids for use in the printing, automotive and electronics industries. The Screen range includes stencil products and cleaning chemicals for screen printing.

Plus Emulsion

all PLUS emulsions are manufactured to the highest tolerances using the latest production and test equipment. The new 'Direct' addition to Diazo Powder Sensitiser has not only removed the need to add water as part of the sensitising process, it also provides quality stencils every time - with emulsions sensitised and ready for coating in 15 minutes.

Direct Emulsion:

Solvent resistance Emulsion

- Autotype Plus 2000

Water based & Plastisol resistance Emulsion

- Autotype Plus 6000

Water based & Solvent based resistance Emulsion

- Autotype Plus 7000

Plastisol resistance (ultra thick stencil)

- Autotype Plus 9000

Cleaning Chemicals

All MacDermid Autotype screen printing chemicals have been formulated for maximum performance, safety of the operator and care of the environment. Application equipment and packaging have been designed for ease of use, offering flexibility for large and small users alike.

Screen making chemicals:

Auto Degreaser Concentrate

Auto Degreaser Concentrate improves the mesh adhesion of all stencil materials. It is particularly recommended for direct emulsion stencils where it improves the quality of the finished coating, and reduces static and dust attraction on synthetic meshes.


Autohaze is an 'all in one' very strong haze remover for occasional use on very stubborn stains.

Autostrip Powder

Autostrip Powder dissolves cleanly without particles making it perfect for use with decoating machines or for manual application.

Autostrip Gel

Autostrip Gel is a ready to use paste that is perfect for hand application with a brush.

Universal Mesh Prep

Universal Mesh Prep is a thickened liquid for degreasing and improving the wetting characteristics of all meshes.

Blue Filler

Blue Filler is a water soluble blockout filler. Ideal for use with all ink types except water based systems.


Capillex and Indirect Films

The tough, high quality stencil system that won't let you down.

Capillex 18

The wide processing latitude of Capillex 18 makes this product ideal for fine line and halftone printing with solvent based or conventional UV inks.

Capillex 20

The high print quality and excellent durability of Capillex 20 makes it perfect for fine line printing.

Capillex 35

A green/blue general purpose Capillex film for medium/coarse mesh counts.

Capillex 80

A blue/green, ultra thick Capillex film for demanding industrial applications that require very coarse mesh.

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Supporting Products

Exposure Calculator

A high quality film positive that gives you five exposures in one. The Exposure Calculator consists of a high quality film positive that incorporates a series of UV filters that simulate five different exposure times. Quick and simple to use. Determining the correct exposure will save time and money in production.

Screen Cleaning Brushes

A chemical resistant brush for the application of screen making chemicals. The chemically resistant fibres are soft so they will not damage even the finest meshes and the ends are 'flagged' to maximise the retention of the screen cleaning chemical. Important: Always rinse out the brushes immediately after use especially when used with stencil removers.

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